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With over 50,000 Billboard LED Lights in the field,
Finally a Billboard LED Light as Original and Bright
as the Outdoor Advertising Industry Itself...
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MarQuee LED Photo GalleryClick to see just how different it's made

The industry has been waiting for its new standard in billboard lighting. That new standard has arrived in MarQuee LED. Created with input from some of the most respected names in outdoor, it wowed at the OAAA show and in the field with over 50,000 sold. Click to see why there is so much buzz today!

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MarQuee LED Difference

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Learn how MarQuee LED is changing the way outdoor shines. Our Features Section covers all the elements that make it unique and a must-have to traditional HID lighting. From its acorn-sized workhorse to its unmatched LED life, MarQuee LED is unlike any other light on the market. Click to read about the difference today!

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MarQuee LED Cost SavingsOur calculators show the savings add up

No matter where you are in the country, the amount saved from power and maintenance can easily pay for your light investment. Rebates and incentives from your state are likely available as well to further increase your savings. Click to see for yourself today!

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MarQuee LED FAQs

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We know with all the LED talk out there, it can get a bit confusing. We want to help you decipher the truth amid a sea of jargon and questionable statements. Picking the right LED for your billboards shouldn’t be complicated. Our FAQs will give you the tools you need to make an educated choice. Click to read our FAQs today!

LED Product Specs

MarQuee LED has all the features you need and more. Click here to see why.

LED Savings

MarQuee LED is guaranteed to save you power and maintenance costs. Click here to see why.

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