The Story Behind MarQuee LED

The Irvin Story
Behind every great product is an equally great story. Well, maybe not “every.” But we think the story behind MarQuee LED is pretty great - and worth the share, if you deem it worth the read.

In recent years, as LEDs have improved and become more competitively priced, the billboard industry has been a target-market for many promoting their version of this newest technology. The biggest of the big billboard companies were inundated with samplings from dozens of start-ups, as well as industry insiders, each wanting to stake their claim at offering the next great billboard light.

There was just one problem. None of the lights were … well … great.

So, one of the industry’s largest billboard companies had a bright idea. After tirelessly testing more than two-dozen versions plucked from the countless received, they decided to turn the tables.

Instead of waiting for Outdoor's “right” unit to come along, they made a bold decision. Armed with the knowledge of what a billboard LED light should be, they sought out experts with a proven track record to do what others before them could not.

Quietly, and for more than a year, engineers with over 30 years of experience in LED worked to address Outdoor's unique needs - Brightness. Uniformity. Color Rendering. And issues - Hot Spots. Dark Spots. Snow Build-up. Bugs. Change Outs. Dark Skies.

When it came time to test, the outdoor company conducted its own, independent testing. The result? MarQuee LED’s 75-watt version outperformed ALL competitors. The closest option was a 150-watt unit, and well off the mark.

The MarQuee LED manufacture soon joined forces with Irvin, Inc. and the unit was unveiled in May at the 2013 Outdoor Advertising Association of America Trade Show in Los Angeles. With more than 20 years of service to Outdoor, Irvin is proud to be one of the largest billboard supply houses in the country and equally proud to be a distributor of this one-of-a-kind unit.

A new standard in billboard lighting is here – MarQuee LED. And the difference is night and day.

Irvin, Inc. is proud to have been in the outdoor industry for more than 20 years. Please click below for more information about the company and the values that have driven it to become an industry leader and innovator.