MarQuee LED SmartLink Savings

MarQuee LED works perfectly with SmartLink™

MarQuee LED is designed to seamlessly integrate with SmartLink either before or after the sale. MarQuee LED can be ordered with SmartLink at the same time for an additional cost, or it can be added on at a later date. Call 1-800-474-7846 or click here today for more information to see how much more money you can save!

What is SmartLink?

OutdoorLink®, Inc. features the SmartLink™ System

SmartLink is a cellular M2M controller designed to remotely control and monitor a multitude of applications such as billboards (lighting, utility power, digital, solar/wind productions, etc.) plus other exterior commercial lighting needs. 

With 50,000 installations and counting, The SmartLink System is a proven success in the field. Any outdoor advertising company can find savings quickly and easily on static, digital (Daktronics, Watchfire, and Yesco compatible), wallscape, unmetered or solar/wind-powered locations.

SmartLink™ has the following certifications:
UL Listed, cUL Listed, PTCRB Listed, FCC Certified, AT&T Certified.

What are the features?

SmartLink has the following features:
  • • Web Based Interface
    • 3G cellular technology controls 4 separate faces independently
    • Automatic Network Time
    • Exact Sunrise / Sunset based on GPS coordinates
    • Multiple custom schedules per face
    • Turn off unsold faces remotely which eliminates wasted energy
    • Monitoring Alerts are Real Time
    • Various alarm notifications such as, Loss of Power, Power Restore, Tamper, Bulb Outage, No Current and Bad Neutral
    • Proof of performance reports to validate nightly illumination
    • Easily integrates with charting system to streamline operations
    • 24/7 Customer Support