Irvin, Inc. and MarQuee LED NEWS

MarQuee LED Debuts at the OAAA Show in Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA – Irvin, Inc. debuted MarQuee LED at the 2013 Outdoor Advertising Association of America TAB National Convention and Trade Show creating much buzz and excitement among attendees.” more

MarQuee LED Provides the Longest Life LED’s
Tampa, FL – MarQuee LED boasts an LED life that is more than TWICE that of the average LED. LEDs are rated under a term called L70 (by the Department of Energy). This rating determines how many hours an LED maintains up to at least 70% of its capacity. more

MarQuee LED Now Available with a Solar Powered Option
Tampa, FL – The number 1 selling billboard LED light is now available with a solar powered option. All of MarQuee’s industry leading features like the longest lasting LED, the best light coverage, no hot or dark spots, easy updates/installation and of course DLC compliant, are now available with a plug-in-play solar powered solution. more

MarQuee LED is the Best Selling Billboard LED with Over 30,000 Units Sold
Tampa, FL – Not only does MarQuee LED boast an LED life that is more than TWICE that of the average LED, it has sold over 30,000 units to date. This has been accomplished in less than one year with projections to more than double this figure in just ten months. more