The MarQuee LED Difference

TIR Optic
The Tiny, Mighty TIR Optic

The jewel of MarQuee LED is in a small prismatic lens no bigger than an acorn. This highly engineered, patented and patent-pending element is comprised of hundreds of angles and covers each of the MarQuee LED’s individual LEDS. These Total Internal Reflectance (TIR) Optics (patented optics and other patents pending) were designed with the sole purpose of ensuring that EACH LED covers an extremely large portion of the billboard face (in some instance, the ENTIRE face).

Our novel approach to LED billboard lighting is counter to our competitors, who standardly utilize a combination of reflectors and LEDs with jobs specific to a small portion of the board. With such designs, should an LED go out, a portion of the billboard would go noticeably dark. Our approach ensures that should an LED go out, that outage would be unrecognizable to the naked eye because the remaining LEDS are covering the same area.

Longest LED Life
Longest LED Life. Period.

MarQuee LED boasts an LED life that is more than TWICE that of the average LED. LEDs are rated under a term called L70 (by the Department of Energy). This rating determines how many hours an LED maintains up to at least 70% of its capacity. Most good LEDs rate at L70 for up to 100,000 hours at 55 degrees Celsius (130 degrees Fahrenheit); Our units rate at L70 for up to 239,000 hours at 85 degrees Celsius or 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

The secret to such LED longevity is a solidly performing heat sink to disperse heat. Most units opt for “passive” heat sinks, meaning there are no moving parts so no chance of the cooling mechanism failing. But where many units have issue is in the direction the air is allowed to flow. Heat sinks are typically positioned under the LED mechanism, and most LED mechanisms sit on the bottom of a unit’s housing. When air wants to move and gravity takes hold, the first place the air moves is up, directly into the backside of the LED mechanism. It will eventually disperse the heat throughout the housing but not without needlessly heating the LED first. Remember: As temperature goes up, LED life goes down.

MarQuee LED is different. Rather than lying horizontally, our LED mechanism (and thereby heat sink) is perpendicular to the bottom of the unit. When the unit creates heat and gravity pulls it up, the heat move throughout the housing and not first onto the backside of the LED mechanism. The LED remains as cool as possible while the heat circulates and dissipates within the housing and then out.

No Reflectors
No Reflectors – by Design
MarQuee LED has no reflectors. Why? With 20 years of experience working with LEDs, the manufacturer learned first-hand that reflectors can offer challenges when utilized in conjunction with LEDs. The tremendous heat generated by LEDs can melt reflectors and/or corrode the reflective material. So to be clear, if reflective material starts to bake and chip off and the reflector has been relied upon to do part of the work, a unit’s performance can be diminished over time.

MarQuee LED strictly utilizes Total Internal Reflectance (TIR) Optics to direct light onto the billboard. These highly engineered, patent pending lenses are comprised of hundreds of angles and cover each of the MarQuee LED’s individual LEDS. They were designed with the sole purpose of ensuring that EACH LED covers an extremely large portion of the billboard face (in some instance, the ENTIRE face). No reflectors needed here.
No Hot Spots
No Hot Spots or Dark Spots. Ever.

The dreaded hot spots and dark spots can be seen on billboards when light is so specifically placed that it renders one portion of the board with too much light and other portions wanting for more. With MarQuee LED’s novel approach to LED billboard lighting, hot spots and dark spots vanish. Other lighting options have specific LEDs lighting smaller, specific portions of the billboard. Not MarQuee LED.

Highly engineered, patent-pending lenses (known as TIR or Total Internal Reflectance Optics) are comprised of hundreds of angles and cover each of the MarQuee LED’s individual LEDS. They were designed with the sole purpose of ensuring that EACH LED covers an extremely large portion of the billboard face (in some instance, the ENTIRE face). No hot spots. No dark spots. Just seamless, even coverage – side to side, top to bottom.

The Future
Designed with the Future in Mind

Our patent-pending modular “brick” design means we have accounted for future LED enhancements without having to throw away your fixture. When LEDs improve – and they will – fewer and fewer will be needed to accomplish the same job. That means more energy savings and more dollar savings for you.

With competitor units, there is no easy way to replace parts without taking down the entire fixture and changing out a host of parts – increasing maintenance costs and reducing return on investment (ROI.).

MarQuee LED’s “brick” design means you pop out ONE component and replace it with a new “brick” fitted with the latest and greatest in LEDs. Everything else remains fully intact. And you don’t need an electrician for a change out. The average amount of time to replace the internal components is less than 10 minutes and can be done by anyone with just a screwdriver.

DesignLights Consortium
DesignLights Consortium® Compliance

The DesignLights Consortium® promotes quality, performance and energy efficient commercial sector lighting solutions through collaboration among its federal, regional, state, utility, and energy efficiency program members, luminaire manufacturers, lighting designers, and other industry stakeholders throughout the US and Canada. The DLC is a project of Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP), a regional non-profit which has been bringing stakeholders together since 1996 to accelerate efficiency solutions to create lasting change in the marketplace.

MarQuee LED has met the requirements to be listed under its guidelines for our standard two brick unit. Most utility companies require DLC compliance or rebates will not be considered.

No Snow Buildup
Snow Build Up? Never.

Most billboard lights, including LED billboard lights, lie on a largely horizontal plane. The unit is positioned so that its face/lens is directed toward the billboard face. In this position, snow will accumulate. The board will not be fully illuminated until the snow has melted off the lens. (Some competitors offer a “lens defrost option” at an additional cost).

With MarQuee LED, snow build up will never be an issue because the unit’s face/lens sits vertical, not horizontal. Yes. The face of the MarQuee LED is parallel to the face of the billboard! So how does light hit the billboard face and not the skirt? Total Internal Reflectance (TIR) Optics. These highly engineered prismatic lenses do all the work of directing the light. The unit itself doesn’t need to angle up. So let the snow fall.

Made in USA
Made in the USA
MarQuee LED is Made in America. Irvin is proud to carry another product working to do its part to improve our economy and keep more jobs in the US (compliant with the Made in America provisions of the ARRA). This continues our goal to provide Made in America products whenever possible.
Water Tight
Water Tight
Many units are sealed and water tight. But there is always a chance for failure on a seal. Our units are not sealed. Rather, each component is water-rated. The brick IP67 ratings means it can be submerged in water up to 1 meter. And the driver is IP66 rated, meaning it can withstand a fire hose washdown. Moreover, the positioning of the driver within the unit means it can never be fully underwater. There are weep holes in the unit that sit lower than the driver so water will always drain before it touches the driver.
Solar LED
Solar LED Billboard Lighting Option Available
MarQuee LED solar option offers multiple solar configuration options for all size boards, several light intensity options, and an easy-to-install low voltage system that doesn't require a permit. All connections are simple “plug-n-play” with the longest lasting battery system available in the industry. The solar option is DesignLights Consortium Qualified (often required for rebates and tax benefits) and has all the features of MarQuee LED like an L70 239,000-hour expected life at 85°C or 185°F driver. MarQuee LED solar option offers a five-year warranty on LED, three-year on battery, five-year on charge controller and 25 years on solar panel. Click here to view our solar LED billboard lighting product sheet.