MarQuee LED is The Best Selling Billboard LED with Over 30,000 Sold
Tampa, FL – Not only does MarQuee LED boast an LED life that is more than TWICE that of the average LED, it has sold over 30,000 units to date. This has been accomplished in less than one year with projections to more than double this figure in just ten months.
The reasons for MarQuee’s success are simple. First, the light provides the longest LED life of any comparable product at the highest temperature. Most good LEDs rate at L70 for up to 100,000 hours at 55 degrees Celsius (130 degrees Fahrenheit); Our units rate at L70 for up to 239,000 hours at 85 degrees Celsius or 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Second, our novel approach to LED billboard lighting is counter to our competitors, who standardly utilize acombination of reflectors and LEDs with jobs specific to a small portion of the board. With such designs, should an LED go out, a portion of the billboard would go noticeably dark. Our approach ensures that should an LED go out, that outage would be unrecognizable to the naked eye because the remaining LEDS are covering the same area. Third, MarQuee LED doesn’t produce hot or dark spots. It provides even coverage across the entire board because of the TIR optics. Fourth, our extremely easy to update “brick” LED module design allows for simple updates to the unit without any special tools and in less than 10 minutes. Finally, MarQuee LED is DLC compliant so any and all state and local rebates will apply.

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