MarQuee LED Provides the Longest Life LED’s
Tampa, FL – MarQuee LED boasts an LED life that is more than TWICE that of the average LED. LEDs are rated under a term called L70 (by the Department of Energy). This rating determines how many hours an LED maintains up to at least 70% of its capacity. Most good LEDs rate at L70 for up to 100,000 hours at 55 degrees Celsius (130 degrees Fahrenheit); Our units rate at L70 for up to 239,000 hours at 85 degrees Celsius.

The secret to such LED longevity is a solidly performing heat sink to disperse heat. Most units opt for “passive” heat sinks, meaning there no moving parts so no chance of the cooling mechanism failing. But where many units have issue is in the direction the air is allowed to flow. Heat sinks are typically positioned under the LED mechanism, and most LED mechanisms sit on the bottom of a unit’s housing. When airs wants to move and gravity takes hold, the first place the air moves is up, directly into the backside of the LED mechanism. It will eventually disperse the heat throughout the housing but not without needlessly heating the LED first. Remember: As temperature goes up, LED life goes down.

MarQuee LED is different. Rather than lying horizontally, our LED mechanism (and thereby heat sink) is perpendicular to the bottom of the unit. When the unit creates heat and gravity pulls it up, the heat move throughout the housing and not first onto the backside of the LED mechanism. The LED remains as cool as possible while the heat circulates and dissipates within the housing and then out.

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